Liutaio - Violinmaker - Geigenbauer

Ambulant service, soundcheck and repair-acceptance at Cesena.

You can find me at bowmaker Andrea Proietti's workshop every Monday (please check calendar for confirmation).

Repairservice in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)

My next permanence in Kuala Lumpur is scheduled for spring 2011. I offer my services at Carismen Dolce from 17th March to 10th of April. The shop offers repair service throughout the year. Please ask for my apprentice Mohd. Ruzi Zakaria please call Dominic for reservation Tel.(006)0123907901,

Violinmaking in Switzerland at Wilhelm Geigenbau Suhr

Since August 2009 i intensified my collaboration with the experienced suisse team. This November we will have for the second time a workshop on modal- and radiation analysis there. For the occasion Mr.George Stoppani will be with us. We are exploring acoustically and mechanically valid alternatives to ebony for fingerboards. We cannot ignore the illegal cutting down of ebony forests in Madagascar's Masoala national Park. My next permanence there is scheduled for May 2011

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